Wedding photography 2017

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Mine is a professional, friendly and personal service to give you just the pictures you want, in just the way you want and all in the highest quality. I have a good way with people (absolutely essential on the day) and set myself high standards both when taking the pictures and when editing them ready for your viewing.

You tailor the service to suit your needs and budget.

Wedding photography service

Build Your Tailored Service

Start with the core service of taking the pictures, editing them (digital mastering) and making them available for you and your guests to see. For those on a budget and with a small wedding then this may be all you need plus the purchase of a few prints or digital images later on. If your wedding is bigger then you can add some or all of the typical components of a photographic wedding service (e.g. more time at the wedding, albums and/or books, CDs with all the images).

Core Service - £399

The core service (starting point for all weddings) is £399. Included are...

  • 2 hours of unlimited photos taken.
  • Editing to perfect all pictures.
  • All pictures as proofs on the internet within 2 days and a printed set of proofs for you to keep. Proofs have the word 'Proof' lightly overlaid on them and a reference number in the corner.

If your wedding is small and you are on a budget then this may be all you need plus the purchase of a few prints or digital images after the event (inexpensive prices shown lower down). If the ceremony and the reception are at different locations and you want pictures at both then 2 hours may not be quite enough even for a small wedding.

Additional Time - £40 per hour

Additional hours at the wedding are £40 per hour. The charge reflects both the time spent on the day and the additional editing time that will result from the extra photos. An average wedding covering all the main picture requirements up to the point when people sit down to eat is about 5 hours. This would mean adding 3 hours to the core service. Staying up to the first dance would require even more time.

Traditional Album - from £245

There is a wide selection of traditional albums to choose from. £245 would purchase a popular velvet finish album (samples available to view) with 20 7”x5” prints mounted on 20 traditional album card leaves. Without affecting the price prints can be colour, black and white or sepia. For additional cost you may choose more prints, larger prints or a different style album. The choices are vast. A few samples are on the website.

Contemporary Story Book (from Graphistudio) – from £585

Graphistudio books are now the most popular option to preserve memories of a wedding. Quite frankly they are stunning. The styles of cover, size and content are huge. A few samples are on the website and a complete range of products can be seen on the producer’s website £585 would purchase a 25cm x 35cm book with 80+ pictures on 50 pages. You choose the pictures and, having discussed your preferences, the pages are designed uniquely for you. You approve the design before the book is printed, bound and sent back from Graphistudio in Italy. For additional cost you may choose different materials for the cover, add extra pages or increase the size of the book. One of the appealing features of this option is that small versions of the book can be purchased for parents and friends, perhaps as thank-you gifts for the Bridesmaids and Best Man. Note that a photographic service including a graphistudio story book is hard to find elsewhere for under £2000.

CD with all the digital images – £245

A CD with all the edited (digitally mastered) images in high resolution (JPG format) is £245. This price is regardless of the number of pictures taken. Copyright is granted for any personal use of the images. They may not be sold or used for profit. If any money is to be made from the display or transfer of any image then further permission must be sought. Smaller numbers of images may be purchased with the same copyright restrictions. Prices are shown lower down. They get cheaper the more you buy but after 28 images it is cheaper to buy them all for £245.

Reprint and enlargement prices

Size Mounted Unmounted
6" x 4" £ 3.57 £ 2.45
7" x 5" £ 6.62 £ 5.40
8" x 6" £ 9.35 £ 7.55
10" x 8" £ 13.05 £ 11.05
12" x 8" n/a £ 11.35
A4 n/a £ 11.35
A3 n/a £ 26.65
A2 n/a £ 42.50
30" x 20" n/a £ 53.80

Canvas Prints - hand-stretched on a 2" x 2" pine frame (virtually any size is available)

Two sample prices for canvases are

Size Price
16" x 12" £ 79.00
23½" x 16" £ 105.00
  • The sizes above represent only a small selection of those on offer.
  • For each separate order or delivery address there is a charge of £ 3.75 to cover postage and packing or distribution costs. Many people's orders put together and sent or delivered to one person will count as one order. The first order placed carries no charge.
  • Mounted prints come in a black card folder.
  • Prints in an album are the same price as a mounted enlargement of the same size.
  • Prints can be on glossy or matt finish.
  • Albums for parents and friends are available in many styles.

Digital Copies

Quantity High resolution Low resolution
1 £ 15.80 £ 6.35
2-3 £ 12.65 each £ 5.05 each
4-8 £ 10.55 each £ 4.20 each
9-15 £ 9.48 each £ 3.80 each
16-28 £ 8.45 each £ 3.40 each
All images £ 245.00 £ 98.50

High resolution files come in JPG format and are suitable for making prints up to poster sizes. Low resolution files are also in JPG format but are much smaller. They are suitable for viewing on computer screens, digital photo frames and putting on websites like facebook. They will not make good prints of any size at all.

  • High resolution images (if more than 2) come on a CD for which there is a charge of £3.60 to cover postage and packing (only one P&P charge applies if you are buying other items at the same time).
  • Low resolution versions and up to two high resolution versions can be emailed incurring no P&P charge.

Payment details

  • Only cash, cheques and bank transfers are accepted as forms of payment.
  • Cheques should be made payable to "JG Photographer".
  • A deposit of £99 is required to make a firm booking.
  • £300 is due by the day before the wedding.
  • The balance of the agreed price is required on provision of the proofs.
  • All orders must be paid for either before or upon receipt of the items.
  • Orders requiring posting are subject to postage & packing charges (£ 3.75 per order).

Why choose this service?

  • 30 years experience of professional wedding photography.
  • My time is committed. Many hours are put into your pictures even after the event.
  • The best prices by far for Graphistudio story books.
  • Detailed attention to every photograph.
  • A personal service tailored to your needs and discussed directly with you.
  • Having seen the samples you know you are getting me, the photographer who took them.
  • No limit to the number of photographs taken.
  • A balance of formal and reportage (informal pictures as the day unfolds) styles.
  • A very competitive price for the quality end of the wedding photography market.
  • Extremely competitive prices for reprints and enlargements for you, your family and your friends.
  • An efficient yet friendly and personal approach to organising your guests for the formal photos.
  • High quality pictures and materials.
  • A wide range of picture sizes, albums and other image processing services.
  • A variety of presentation styles offered in the album.
  • I will never book another wedding close in time to your own.
  • I like what I do and want it to be the very best.

How it works

  • If you wish to book then you only need to complete a booking form (which I will send you)and get it to me along with your deposit. The form needs to be signed to show you accept the conditions.
  • Approximately a month before the wedding I will come to talk with you about the specific requirements. We make a list of all the photos to be taken. It is very helpful if you have already begun to think of the group shots of family and friends. £300 is due before the wedding and it is usually most convenient to pay at this time.
  • The list will be typed up, arranged into the most efficient sequence and sent to you either by post or email. The list is to make the job easier on the day. It can be altered at any time up to or during the event.
  • On the day the photos are taken. I follow the list and take many more of everything going on.
  • Every photo will be viewed and adjusted as needed to get the very best brightness, contrast, colour balance and sharpness. Where necessary unwanted objects (e.g. traffic cones, overhead cables, signs, etc) are removed. For a typical wedding this is about a day's work.
  • The proofs are prepared and put on my website. The web gallery is secured by password which has been given to the guests at the wedding. The pictures are also sent to a lab to be printed. On return I mount them in a preview album ready to give to you.
  • Within a week the proofs will be ready and I will call you to arrange delivery. This is the time that the balance of payment is due. You keep the proofs forever. There are typically between 80 and 200 proofs.
  • Each proof will be marked with a number and a price list will be enclosed. You, and all your friends and relations, can now place your orders for prints. Only now do you choose whether to have a traditional album or a Graphistudio book. You select the album or book style and the pictures to go in it (20 for an album or 80+ for the book).
  • If you have chosen a Graphistudio book then you will receive a preview of all the pages for you to approve before it is produced.
  • When the order is ready I will call you. Payment for the photos (over and above those already paid for) is required when they are delivered.

Other services

  • Individual and family portraits.
  • Parties and functions.
  • Recreational interests and hobbies.
  • School, club, team and organisation photographs (individual and/or group).
  • Commercial (business and industrial) photography.

About the photographer

  • I am married and have four grown up children. Photography began as a hobby in my early teens and I have had many professional assignments, particularly at weddings, since 1982. Apart from weddings, I am the Photographer for many schools around Medway. Clients for numerous assignments include the BBC, Classic fm, Channel 4, Faber Music and Hillreed Homes.

Technical Information

  • I use a Canon EOS 5D MkII. This is a digital SLR camera with an image sensor chip of 21 million pixels capable of producing sharp images up to the very largest sizes.
  • A Canon EOS 7D (a digital SLR camera with 18 million pixels) is used as a back-up.
  • A fixed 50mm f1.4 lens and 4 zoom lenses (all Canon) covering focal lengths from 17mm to 400mm enable a wide range of shots from close up to wide angle.
  • A Canon Speedlite 580EX flash unit is used even outdoors for softening shadows, filling in light and providing attractive catch-lights in the subject's eyes.
  • Images are processed and enhanced on a high spec PC using Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 software. This highly acclaimed software matches Adobe PhotoShop which, until recently, was the industry benchmark.
  • The digital images are transferred electronically to a professional laboratory in North London where they are printed on Fuji photographic paper with a fade resistance rating of 150 years.
  • Copies of all the images (original, digitally enhanced and the proofs) are stored on two separate hard drives (one internal and one external) and written to CD to minimise any risk of losing them.


  • The photography services are only considered to be booked on payment of the deposit. Deposits are not returnable.
  • The balance of the payment (the agreed price less the deposit and the part-payment already paid) will be due on provision of the proofs. For the reduced service the full payment is due on or before the wedding day.
  • All rights for reproduction of photographs remain entirely with the photographer. The images will always be legally owned by the photographer. The customer may purchase and own prints from the photographer but these may not be scanned, photographed or copied in any way.
  • CD images may be used for personal usage but may not be given, sold or used for profit in any way without seeking copyright permission from the Photographer.
  • The photographer may use any images he has taken for his own promotional use.
  • The photographer may place any images on his internet web site for the purpose of making them available for viewing by those who attended the event and enabling them to place orders.
  • In the very unlikely event of the pictures being lost, destroyed or otherwise incapable of being provided there will be a full refund of any monies paid. The customer agrees to this being the full extent of any claim against the photographer.
  • Reprint and enlargement prices quoted at the time of booking will be honoured for any orders placed up to 1 year after the event. After that the prices current at that time will apply.
Jonathan Gardiner email Mobile: 07966084155 Home: 01634 867878