JG's Gallery 2017

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The other seven categories on the website are all areas where I provide a service to my customers. JG's gallery is the final category where I just want to show some of the pictures I have enjoyed taking purely for myself. Some of these pictures were taken recently on a digital camera but many were taken over the years on 35mm film. The one consistent factor is that they were all taken on cameras in the Canon EOS range.

The images that were on film were all transparencies (slides) and I have scanned them and run them through Paint Shop Pro to perfect them.

There is little I want to say about the pictures. Just enjoy them.

Print prices

The pictures in JG's gallery may be purchased at the following prices. Of course, they will not have the 'Proof' text across them.

Size Mounted Unmounted
6" x 4" £ 7.35 £ 5.65
7" x 5" £ 13.00 £ 10.75
8" x 6" £ 23.80 £ 18.10
10" x 8" £ 32.85 £ 26.05
12" x 8" n/a £ 27.30
A4 n/a £ 27.30
A3 n/a £ 53.20
A2 n/a £ 77.00
30" x 20" n/a £ 92.85

Canvas Prints - hand-stretched on a 2" x 2" pine frame (virtually any size available)

Two sample prices for canvases are

Size Price
16" x 12" £ 104.55
23" x 16" £ 142.45
  • The sizes above represent only a small selection of those on offer.
  • For each separate order or delivery address there is a charge of £ 3.75 to cover postage and packing or distribution costs. Many people's orders put together and sent or delivered to one person will count as one order.
  • Mounted prints come in a black card folder.
  • Prints can be on glossy or matt finish.

Payment details

  • Cash, cheques, bank transfers and credit/debit cards (through this website) are accepted as forms of payment.
  • Cheques should be made payable to "JG Photographer".
  • All orders must be paid for either before or upon receipt of the items.
  • Orders requiring posting are subject to postage & packing charges (see prices above).

Other services

  • Weddings.
  • Individual and family portraits.
  • Parties and functions.
  • Recreational interests and hobbies.
  • School, club, team and organisation photographs (individual and/or group).
  • Commercial (business and industrial) photography.

About the photographer

  • I am married and have four grown up children. Photography began as a hobby in my early teens and I have had many professional assignments, particularly at weddings, since 1982. Apart from weddings, I am the Photographer for many schools around Medway. Clients for numerous assignments include the BBC, Classic fm, Channel 4, Faber Music and Hillreed Homes.

Technical Information

  • I use a Canon EOS 5D MkII. This is a digital SLR camera with an image sensor chip of 21 million pixels capable of producing sharp images up to the very largest sizes.
  • A Canon EOS 7D (a digital SLR camera with 18 million pixels) is used as a back-up.
  • A fixed 50mm f1.4 lens and 4 zoom lenses (all Canon) covering focal lengths from 17mm to 400mm enable a wide range of shots from close up to wide angle.
  • A Canon Speedlite 580EX flash unit is used even outdoors for softening shadows and filling in light.
  • Images are processed and enhanced on a high spec PC using Corel Paint Shop Pro X2 software. This highly acclaimed software matches Adobe PhotoShop which, until recently, was the industry benchmark.
  • Some images were taken originally on film. The cameras were Canon EOS 600 and EOS 300.


  • All rights for reproduction of photographs remain entirely with the photographer. The images will always be legally owned by the photographer. The customer may purchase and own prints from the photographer but these may not be scanned, photographed or copied in any way.
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